How to Choose the Right Gag for You

Here's how to decide between the different types of gags you can play with. Each type will have its own style, fit, and effect, but all will inhibit or prevent you from using your mouth.

Types of Gags

Three of the most popular gags are ball gags, ring gags, and bit gags. 

  • Ball gags are a silicone sphere that sit behind the teeth and fill the entire mouth. Sabersmyth ball gags come in three sizes, and include small holes in the ball to make sure you can breathe while wearing them.
  • Ring gags have an O-ring that is either fully silicone, or metal coated in silicone. They sit behind the teeth and hold the mouth open, without closing off access to the mouth and tongue. 
  • Bit gags are long silicone bars that you bite down on. This style works for many people who have discomfort opening their mouth widely.

What you're looking for

Every person will experience gags in their own unique way. That said, if you are looking for a particular experience, style, or feel, here are some recommendations.

Mouth Fit

Do you want your mouth filled, or just held open? Stretched open to its limit, or comfortable? Ball gags tend to fill the mouth, and the larger sizes may be hard to keep in for very long. Small size ball gags can give the feeling of fullness without pushing your jaw too far. Ring gags will hold the mouth open, but will leave plenty of space inside your mouth. Bit gags will sit towards the front of your mouth and on your cheeks some. 

Jaw Comfort (TMJ)

For those with jaw pain wanting to try out a gag, we highly recommend the bit gag. This one doesn't stretch your mouth open very far, and having something to bite down on can relieve jaw pressure. The small ball gag may also work. Additionally, if you have a very small mouth these are two good options.


When you're not able close you're mouth and regulate saliva... it gets pretty drooly. If you want to create a lot of drool, the classic ball gag is your first choice since it fills and incapacitates the mouth completely. Ring gags also enable drool to spill out, and bits can be drooly as well. 

Mouth access

If you want your partner to be gagged and maintain access to their mouth, a ring gag is the way to go. The open ring leaves access for hands, tongues, food or drink, and whatever else you and your partner agree upon. Phalluses may also fit through the ring, depending on the size of the ring and the phallus. The inner diameter of the ring is limited by the outer diameter of the ring, which the wearer must fit inside their mouth. Phalluses may or may not fit inside the ring for this reason (yes, this is the #1 question we get asked!).

Strap fit

Most gags you see will attach from the piece in your mouth around the back of your neck. Unfortunately, this tends to pull on the neck uncomfortably and loosen when you move around. If you've tried and had trouble with this style of strap, you may want to try the Sabersmyth gags. These attach around the crown of your head for a more consistent, comfortable, and secure fit.  

Sabersmyth Gags

If you're not positive which gag style and size will work best for you, try our 5-gag set. It comes with a premium leather strap and head cage, three sizes of ball gag, a ring gag, and a bit gag. And even after you find your favorite, it's fun to be able to swap out the pieces for different moods, scenes, and partners.

Otherwise, you can go directly for a ball gag (three sizes), ring gag, or bit gag. You can always purchase one of our individual interchangeable gag pieces if you want to add to your collection later (ball, ring, bit).


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