About Sabersmyth

We make leather gear, garments, and lingerie that affirm the sensory needs of sensitive people



What We Make

We recognize that leathers are not simply accessories, but creations with the potential to be spiritually bonded, gender and sexuality-affirming companions. That’s why we prioritize comfort at every juncture, going overboard on the details to make pleasure accessible to all.

Each piece is made to get better over time with proper care, and we’re on your side to help you maintain your leather and make any spruce-ups or repairs over time.

We strive to deliver equally on quality, functionality, and style – from the materials we use to the minute design details only we will ever really notice.

Our Story

Sabersmyth was born out of our own stringent sensory needs, along with our desire for truly beautiful, comfortable, and functional leather gear.

Our two founders, Dani and Seven, collaborate on an intricate level to envision, design, produce, and document each creation. It all started with the blindfold, and to this day every Sabersmyth piece is made by our four hands in our rural Oregon shop. Read more about how our backgrounds inform the custom work we do.

As non-neurotypical queers ourselves, we specialize in working with and for other folks in the queer and neurodiverse community.