Five Gag Set | Black, Oxblood, Cognac


This leather gag was designed with the wearer's comfort and safety in mind, featuring an ergonomically designed, adjustable leather head harness gag with interchangeable medical-grade silicone gags that fit snugly in place without putting strain on the wearer's jaw.

The double-strap design of our head harness ball gag ensures it stays in place throughout your entire scene, allowing for things like rough play and wrestling.

This head harness gag offers interchangeable gags; you can easily swap in another size ball gag, a ring gag, or a bdsm bit depending on your partners needs or the mood of the scene. Be prepared for anything with this 5 gag set, which offers one of each of our 5 gag options as well as the harness to wear them in.

- Ball gags in Small, Medium, and Large sizes
- Ring gag fits most mouth sizes and is 2" wide with 1.5" inner diameter
- Bit gag fits most mouth sizes and is .75" thick

This gag harness also offers a matching lead and handle, for the pony play sub in your life. Big thank you to Mistress Indie Reign for co-creating the lead with us!


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    • For sustainable kink comfort, ball gagged sub's jaw should be open just slightly more than if they relax their jaw and let it hang.
    • A helpful size comparison for our ballgags sizes: Our small ball gag is roughly the width of a banana, our large ball gag is roughly the size of an apricot, and the medium ball gag is somewhere in between.
    • The leather straps on this ball gag harness are adjustable and fit most average adult head sizes—and we guarantee fit in the case our standard range does not fit you. 

    Measurements of our gag options:

    • Small ball gag is 1.5" wide
    • Medium ball gag is 1.75" wide
    • Large ball gag is 2" wide
    • Ring gag fits most mouth sizes and is 2" wide with 1.5" inner diameter
    • Bit gag fits most mouth sizes and is .75" thick

    Our products are crafted by hand in our Siletz, OR studio. Each piece is hand saddle-stitched, burnished, and conditioned; no stones are left unturned when it comes to quality and aesthetics. Our way of honoring the animals this leather came from is to invest time and care into every inch, and to ultimately facilitate joyful experiences for our customers. 

    We source our leather from Wicket & Craig, a world-class vegetable tannery that uses only natural processes to produce durable leather. Because we use full-grain English Bridle leather, each piece is unique with its own character you’ll be able to see and feel. Not only is this leather known for its beauty, it gets better with age and will maintain quality for generations.

    We are lucky to work with incredible models and photographers who are excited about our products and active in communities and movements around kink, sensuality and empowerment, art, body positivity, racial justice, and much more. 

    Meet them and follow their work here!

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