Image of the spanking paddle leaning against a black wall. The oak is visible through the honeycomb leather pattern overlay.
Back of the Oak spanking paddle, made of wood.
A pile of three oak spanking paddles with honeycomb inlay. The top spanking paddle has dark good with an oxblood leather inlay, the second is light wood with a black leather inlay, the bottom is a dark wood paddle with a black leather inlay.
Three oak spanking paddles with leather inlays are displayed side by side.

Oak Spanking Paddle, Honeycomb Pattern

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Looking for a firm, sturdy spanking paddle for impact play? This handmade leather and oak bdsm paddle features broad and stingy impact.

A lovely addition to your BDSM toolkit, this paddle comes in three different sizes - extra long for dramatic and ergonomic play, short for easy maneuverability, or somewhere in between for the best of both worlds.


With ~1" thick wood backed with a honeycomb pattern leather inlay, this acts as two spanking toys in one, with each side offering a distinctly different bdsm sensory play experience.

Also available with a solid black leather inlay.

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