Is leather lingerie comfortable? 5 features to look for in comfortable leather lingerie.

Is leather lingerie comfortable? 5 features to look for in comfortable leather lingerie.

Leather lingerie is gorgeous, and a well-designed set can provide some awesome BDSM functionality - but is it comfortable? Some pieces of leather lingerie will come into close contact with tender and sensitive skin, and others need to have a firm grip on the wearer without pressing into the skin in a way that irritates them. Here are five things to look for in leather lingerie to ensure the wearer looks and feels their best.

Leather Body Harnesses

Stiff and flat leather pieces that do not conform to the body shape feel uncomfortable. Look for leather lingerie designed to fit the curves and angles of the human body, with a strap design that cups natural body bulges instead of cutting into them. Custom leather body harnesses take comfort to another level by ensuring the design is made specifically for the wearer's body and suited to their sizing needs. 

We use single-sided English bridle cow leather in all our designs, which features a smoother outward-facing side and a more fibrous side that rests against the body. Many wearers find the fibrous material a pleasant and grippy experience, but for some people, the feeling can be too intense. We also offer double-sided and deerskin-lined options on all our body harnesses, so you can identify the backing material that suits your sensory needs.

Leather Blindfolds

A leather blindfold needs to take into account that facial skin is delicate, sensitive, and facial bone structures need a material with more give against them than the exterior facing leather of the blindfold itself. The blindfold should be a sensory deprivation experience to enhance an overall sensual scene, not distracting due to any skin or face discomfort. 

Look for a leather blindfold with padding and a backing material made of something with enough grip to not slip, but soft enough to feel comfortable. We prefer jersey cotton, which is non-irritating to most people’s skin.

When purchasing a leather blindfold, you may also want to take into consideration whether or not the intended wearer feelsstrongly about pressure against their eyelids. This comes down to personal preference, but for people looking for a total blackout blindfold without pressure on the eyes, one option is our leather blindfold with “eye cups” - e.g. divets on the backing of the blindfold that keep the material off your eyes.

Leather Collars

Necks are tender, and a highly visible part of the body. For leather sub collars, we find it’s best to have some kind of backing on the collar - both for comfort during extended wear, and to avoid any skin irritation that may make maintaining discretion outside of the bedroom difficult! Deerskin lining is the softest and most supple lining, and a good choice for collars that are thicker. Double backed leather is suitable for thinner collars - featuring the smooth side of the English Bridle cow leather both exterior facing and interior. When securing a leather sub collar, it’s important to not tighten the collar beyond a snug fit - both for safety of the wearer, and comfort.

Ball Gag Harness

There are many features to consider when selecting a ball gag head harness, including material type, size, and style of ballgag. While some rules are universal (such as, a food grade silicone ball gag is always going to be safer and more comfortable than a plastic ballgag), choosing between a ball gag, ring gag, or big gag comes down to what type of experience you are hoping to create, and the personal preferences of the person wearing the gag. When discussing the purchase with your partner, ask about any jaw pain or tension. If you’re not sure what style to try, a set with multiple styles of ballgags can allow you and your partner to experiment and see what feels the most comfortable.

For folks who prefer not to have a ballgag in their mouth, but want to experiment with being unable to talk during a BDSM scene, a muzzle gag is an excellent alternative option. Personally, we like deerskin lining for our muzzle gag, as the mouth and nose areas are sensitive.

Leather Cuff Restraints

Cuffs provide a particular comfort challenge in that they are worn on a part of the body with thin, delicate skin, and often experience the most movement and rubbing, as the wearer adjusts positions or reacts to the BDSM scene. Additionally, the wrist bones are complex and fragile, so we make safety considerations in the design of the cuffs to make sure they are wide enough to disperse any pressure placed on them during play, and don’t cause any bruising against the underlying bone or nerve damage.

We exclusively line our cuffs with deerskin, the softest and most luxurious option for leather lingerie that is also durable enough to withstand rough play. 

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