An individual models the muzzle gag, with a look of bliss on their face as they point their face towards sunlight. They are touching the muddle gag gently with their fingertips. The gag covers from underneath their nose, cupping their chin gently.

Muzzle Gag

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Ideal for moments where silence is desired, our leather muzzle is the perfect companion to your favorite interchangeable Sabersmyth ballgag or locking gag, and a perfect addition to a muzzle gag bondage scene.


The muzzle gag harness allows you to restrict your gagged sub’s mouth without the use of any internal pieces, so you both can enjoy muzzle gag bondage play while accommodating sensory needs or preferences, or any jaw sensitivity the wearer may have.

The muzzle gag is crafted from durable non-toxic leather, while the deerskin lining is gentle on sensitive mouth and nose areas, elevating it to a functional and sensory delightful piece of leather lingerie.

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