The Wil Henri - Full Body Leather Set


Modular leather body harness set with removable chains and luxurious leather strapping. Lovingly traces the body, offering delicious compression at just the right points. 

Includes: Posture collar, Removable chest chains, Waist belt, Ouvert bottoms that double as a strapon harness with optional front attachment plate, Thigh cuffs with removable suspender chains. Shown here with optional nipplets. 

Black leather with teal accent thread and bronze hardware. 

This is a high-touch bespoke set made specifically for you. Sizing is guaranteed, and we will contact you to guide you through fitting.

Our products are crafted by hand in our Siletz, OR studio. Each piece is hand saddle-stitched, burnished, and conditioned; no stones are left unturned when it comes to quality and aesthetics. Our way of honoring the animals this leather came from is to invest time and care into every inch, and to ultimately facilitate joyful experiences for our customers. 

We source our leather from Wicket & Craig, a world-class vegetable tannery that uses only natural processes to produce durable leather. Because we use full-grain English Bridle leather, each piece is unique with its own character you’ll be able to see and feel. Not only is this leather known for its beauty, it gets better with age and will maintain quality for generations.

We are lucky to work with incredible models and photographers who are excited about our products and active in communities and movements around kink, sensuality and empowerment, art, body positivity, racial justice, and much more. 

Meet them and follow their work here!

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