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The premium leather head harness keeps this ring gag in place 

Most ring gags on the market rely on a single strap going from the mouth around the wearer's neck. This configuration oftentimes leads to a ring gag that shifts mid-scene and slips out of their mouth. Sabersmyth gags use a head harness that rests on the crown of the head, creating a snug, secure fit that will prevent removal even during the most intense play.   

Is there a metal ring? Isn't that bad for my teeth?

When putting metal in your mouth during physical exertion, there is risk of damaging the teeth. That is why all of our ring gags contain a thin metal ring for structure encased in a thick silicone shell to protect your tooth enamel. 

Ring gag vs ball gag, which is right for me?

Where the mouth is concerned, there are multiple options for physical restraints. Ring gags (ringgag) and ball gags are the two most common. While many gag users prefer the full feeling and restricted mouth access of a ball gag, others prefer the unlimited access a ring gag provides. Propping the wearer's mouth open with a ring allows play well beyond the gagged blowjob of your dreams. From consensual forced drinking to fingers and dildos, the possibilities of an open mouth gag are virtually endless. If you are unsure of which gag to get, we offer a Five Gag Set with a ring gag, all three ball sizes, and a bit gag.  

Adjustable straps to accommodate any head size

There is no such thing as an "average" body. With our highly adjustable straps, these ring gags will fit the most petite to the fullest head. If you happen to have one of those magnificent heads that don't fit into our size range, we will provide replacement straps free of charge to ensure a proper fit.  

Safety considerations

BDSM has inherent emotional and physical risks. Make sure you and your partner are aware and comfortable with these risks before engaging in kink activities. Consult a doctor if you have any reason to believe that the use of a ring gag could cause or has caused jaw pain or stiffness. Always discuss non-verbal safewords with your partner before any gag scene. Stay safe!